Fruit Trees

Over the past 14 years we have bought in all the popular English fruit trees from England


We have found that APPLE trees grow extremely well here in Franceas do PLUMS (all varieties) and PEARS.


We try to keep the range to the most popular varieties but if you notify us by October we can order more unusual varieties from our supplier in England in October.


We supply our Fruit Trees in NOVEMBER ready for November/December planting.


We strongly advise that all planting be done by the end of December. This will give the trees plenty of time to establish good root growth before the hot weather the following Summer.


















































Welcome to

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 South West France

after our 25 years of previous experience owning a nursery in West Wales

Over 90% of our stock is "home grown"


in other words, grown either from cuttings


or from seeds without using heat or chemicals

Orders taken for excellent quality

English Fruit Trees & Ornamental Trees

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